What is CubePass?

CubePass is a wristband that lets you track all your stats when you play with CubeCraft at an event. You can keep the same CubePass for multiple events and collect all your info in one place. You can also unlock rewards, compete and much more!


Join us at events and enter tournements for your favourite games such as EggWars, SkyWars or any game we've brought to the event! Compete against other atendees to become the ultimate player.

Earn rewards

Visit and play on the CubeCraft Stand at multiple events to earn exclusive rewards. From in-game vanity items to store discounts there are some awesome perks to be had!

Track your stats

It's hard to know how well you did after an event and taking a photo of the screen after ervery game is so last year. Now you can keep all your stats online and see how well you did.